Hong Kong (26 July - 28 July 2024)

Asia Pacific Tchoukball Championship (APTC 2024)


The objective of all physical activities is not to make champions, but to make a contribution to the building of a harmonious society.”

– Hermann Brandt (Founder of Tchoukball)




TBAS is now AN nsa!

We are pleased to announce that it is now official - today (28/03/2023) Tchoukball Association of Singapore (TBAS) becomes a National Sports Association (NSA) under SportSG.


We are world no. 1 !

Congratulations to our women's team for putting us on the world map!


We want to thank all our supporters and partners who believe in them.


Without them, the team will not be where we are today!

FITB Men Ranking
Men's Ranking
FITB Women Ranking
Women's Ranking

100 days of Fundraising Challenge

We are beyond grateful for the immense support that we have received. It is not only unparalleled but also encouraging. If you want to help our players directly, consider going to this link to know more




Players Development

Training players to represent Singapore in international competitions every year. Total of 8 teams of different age group.

coaches development
Coaches Development

Training coaches to be competent in technical, tactical and sports related risk management.

referees development
Referees Development

Training referees to be competent match officials who can become a FITB International Referee.

Who are we?

Tchoukball Association of Singapore (TBAS is pleased to announce that it has successfully registered as a charity under the Charities Act with effect from 10th October 2023.


Tchoukball Association of Singapore (TBAS) is officially a National Sports Association (NSA) under SportSG with effect from 28th March 2023.

Upcoming Competition

1. Asia Pacific Youth Tchoukball Championship (APYTC 2024)

19 July to 21 July 2024, Malaysia.

2. Asia Pacific Tchoukball Championship (APTC 2024)

26 July to 28 July 2024, Hong Kong.

Upcoming Event

1. Asia Invitational Schools Tchoukball Challenge & Exchange Camp 2023

11 to 16 November 2023, BBGB Campsite Singapore.


Tcoukball recruitment


We provide fun and safe programmes for public, schools and corporate. We also retail all the necessary tchoukball equipment. 

Our Partners

TBAS is always looking out for suitable corporate sponsors to partner us in the promotion of this unique sport.

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Welcome to our Individual and Associate Club Membership Programme!


“I felt that the training helped me a lot both physically and mentally. I have learnt a lot of values and display them on and off court. Tchoukball has helped me in my academics by helping me destress and focus on my studies. I have seen improvement in my results and am very pleased with the improvement. This year’s tchoukball training has really opened up my eyes. Thank you” - S, M15 Girls team.
“My son has been with TBAS since Pri 4. Throughout these years, the changes that I have seen in him is amazing. Playing in a team sport at such a young age is not easy, it is not only physically demanding but mentally too. He has persevere through all these challenges and I can see that it has helped him develop important life skills. Very often he will tell me about what is going on during his trainings. They learn to set goals and then work towards achieving these goals. They learn that they have to work as a team to win a match and sometimes you win some, you lose some. Such situations actually help him to learn how to deal with disappointment and to take them in his stride, just like in the real world with challenges in school, workplace and his life. It helps him to learn how to cope in competitive environments” - Father of M, M12 Boys team.
“The training programme has helped to nurture me into a more patient person. I used to be very impatient when things don’t go my way. However  through the TBAS training, I have learnt to be more patient as I work with my team mates despite our differences and weakness to overcome difficult times as we try to solve issues together.” - K, M18 Girls team.


Welcome to download the official Tchoukball Rules , Refree Hand Signals and Forms.