TBAS Recommended Coaches

To be qualified as a TBAS Recommended Coach, the person must possess a valid Tchoukball coaching certificate endorsed by FITB and/or TBAS; the person must also fully abide by the TBAS Coaches Code of Ethics.



  I believe that my role as a coach is to contribute to the holistic development of my athletes through
  participation in Tchoukball. I will endeavor to be a positive role model for my athletes.

1) I will adopt a professional attitude and maintain the highest standards of personal conduct, encompassing my mannerism, dress and language.

2) I will be responsible for periodically updating my coaching expertise through participation in courses, conferences and workshops and through information available in resource materials.

3) I will prepare well-planned and sound training programmes and execute them in a manner that would benefit all my athletes.

4) I will ensure that training and competition venues meet with minimum safety standards and that my athletes are properly attired.

5) I will abide by the Charter and Rules of Tchoukball and respect my opponents and those in positions of authority.

6) I will treat and respect everyone equally, regardless of race, language, religion, culture, gender or physical ability.

7) I will be sensitive to the feelings of my athletes when providing feedback on their training progress and performance during competition. I will direct criticisms, if any, on my athlete's performance, not at the athlete.

8) I know there is a need for certain information to be kept confidential. I will only disclose such information with the consent of those who requested confidentiality.

9) I will avoid sexual intimacy with my athlete. I will have physical contact with my athletes only when absolutely necessary and during appropriate situations.

10) I will exercise self-awareness and evaluate how my values and actions influence my coaching activities positively or negatively.



In line with the TBAS Coaches Code of Ethics, the following are expectations for coaches participating in TBAS Programmes:


1) I understand that I am representing TBAS and will not do anything that will tarnish TBAS reputation.

2) I will not miss any sessions I have committed to and not make any internal manpower changes without informing the SEP Coordinator.

3) I will be suitably attired in sports gear and equipped with a whistle and writing materials.

4) I will be present at the school to prepare the training venue and equipment at least 15mins before the session starts.

5) I will take attendance of the students if required.

6) I will not have physical contact with the students unless absolutely necessary and appropriate.

7) I will be polite to everyone, including the students, and will not scold the student with vulgarities.

8) I will not smoke within and just outside the school compound.

9) I will not end a session early unless requested by the school or due to unforeseen circumstances.

10) I will submit feedback to TBAS after the whole programme and whenever necessary.


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