TBAS Centre of Excellence

TBAS Centre of Excellence (COE)

The TBAS Centre of Excellence  now replaces our former TBAS Training Programme.
Under our Centre of Excellence, interested Tchoukball players whom are talented are invited to join us for regular training. From this group of players, we will chose the 12 players to represent Singapore in international competitions every year. National players are often sought after by the schools and polytechnics and can apply for Direct School Admission (M12) and Joint Polytechnic Special Admission Exercise (M15/M18). 
There are various categories – Men, Women, M18 Boys, M18 Girls, M15 Boys, M15 Girls, M12 Boys and M12 Girls.
Our COE trainees train on different days, timing and at different venues :
M12 Boys and M12 Girls – Every Saturday 9am to 12nn @ Bendemeer Secondary School (Currently HBT)
M15 Boys and M15 Girls – Every Saturday 9am to 12nn @ Bendemeer Secondary School and Tues 12n-5pm during Nov/Dec.
If you have received an invitation card to join us for trial, congratulations ! Do not hesitate if you are interested to improve yourself. Come for the sessions to improve yourself and become a better player. All new players are required to registered at https://tinyurl.com/2022COE and receive further instructions before you turn up for the sessions.
Some of the Academic Benefits of Tchoukball National Team Representation :
“Through the representation for Singapore M18 Boys team, I received 4 points off my O level scores and got into my dream course - Diploma in Aerospace Engineering in Temasek Polytechnic” Mr Manfred Teng, played for Singapore M18 Boys team in the World Youth Tchoukball Championships 2015 Singapore. 
“I am currently studying in Diploma in Restaurant & Culinary Operations in Republic Polytechnic. Thanks to my national team representation, I was able to receive 6 points reduction from my O level scores!” Mr Brandon Lee, played for Singapore M18 Boys team in World Youth Tchoukball Championships 2011 Austria, Asia Pacific Youth Tchoukball Championships 2014 Singapore and for the Singapore Men team in the World Tchoukball Championships 2015 Taiwan.
“I got into a very competitive course – Diploma in Business Studies at Ngee Ann Polytechnic, thanks to an extra 1 point deduction off my net O level points.” Mr Lucas Tan, represented Singapore from M12 Boys to M15 Boys, M18 Boys and now Men team from 2010 to current and played in various world and continental championships.
“My O level result met the cut off for Diploma in Engineering System in Singapore Polytechnic but my application was not successful. Through my national team representation, I was able to apply through the Joint Polytechnic Special Admissions Exercise and I was accepted into the course.” Mr Chua Zhi Yong, represented Singapore from M15 Boys thru to current Men Team from 2011 to current.
Ms Adeline Chua, currently studying Diploma in Business and Social Enterprise in Ngee Ann Polytechnic, received the LKY CCA Award in 2015, Ngee Ann Polytechnic Full Colours Award 2016 for her national team representation from 2010-2015 in various age categories. She was also the top NT student in 2011 while coping with her studies, national team trainings and having to work to support the whole family as parents were unwell.
Really thankful that training hard and playing for the National team has helped me obtain these scholarships as they help to pay for my tuition fees and daily expenses" Mr Nico Quek, recipient of the LKY Scholarship Award of $3500 and SP Sports Scholarship of $2000, whom have to put himself through his Polytechnic studies.
Mr Goh Yihui, represented Singapore in the World Tchoukball Championships 2011 Italy, is currently pursuing his Degree in Electrical Electronic Engineering at Nanyang Technological University, which he applied through the scheme of Non-Academic Achievement/Discretionary Admission.
Testimonials and feedback from players and parents :
“I felt that the training helped me a lot both physically and mentally. I have learnt a lot of values and display them on and off court. Tchoukball has helped me in my academics by helping me destress and focus on my studies. I have seen improvement in my results and am very pleased with the improvement. This year’s tchoukball training has really opened up my eyes. Thank you” - S, M15 Girls team.
“My son has been with TBAS since Pri 4. Throughout these years, the changes that I have seen in him is amazing. Playing in a team sport at such a young age is not easy, it is not only physically demanding but mentally too. He has persevere through all these challenges and I can see that it has helped him develop important life skills. Very often he will tell me about what is going on during his trainings. They learn to set goals and then work towards achieving these goals. They learn that they have to work as a team to win a match and sometimes you win some, you lose some. Such situations actually help him to learn how to deal with disappointment and to take them in his stride, just like in the real world with challenges in school, workplace and his life. It helps him to learn how to cope in competitive environments” - Father of M, M12 Boys team.
"My daughter just joined the training in Nov 2015. Even though it is less than a year, she has become more focus and move motivated. Together with her own school CCA, she has to train 5 times a week. Other days she has to juggle her studies and tuition.s. Although physically tired, she never complains and look forward to each tchoukball training. Such passion to Tchoukball has resulted in her managing her time and studies in a more precise and disciplined manner. Her teachers and I were pleasantly surprised when she handed up her homework during the period she was overseas representing Singapore in the Asia Pacific Youth Tchoukball Championships.
In TBAS, the coaches are always emphasising that the players have to be accountable for their own actions and to practice good sportsmanship. These are great values that we as parents embrace too.” - Father of N, M15 Girls team.
“My child has learnt to be more responsible. He makes sure he is not late for training and wakes up early every Saturday on his own. He learns social skills too by learning to get along with students of different schools. For the recent Sarawak training trip, he learnt to be independent and responsible for his own actions which affected team mates. Our communication has also improved as he will talk to us about his trainings and explain the tchoukball game to us. Lastly would like to thank all the coaches whom volunteer to coach for free. We parents really appreciate. Thank you !” - Mother of G, M12 Boys team.
“I felt that TBAS training has helped me to improve on my skills and knowledge of tchoukball. It has also helped me to improve a lot as I usually do not submit my homework but now tchoukball motivates me to do so and also helps me to improve on my character.” - M, M12 Boys team
“Training has helped me in my time management as I must think ahead of time so to have training and also finish my school work on time. Furthermore, it creates goals that I set myself and complete and strive for new ones ahead. Lastly I find the training helps me mentally and physically and brings the best out of me.” - K, M15 Girls team.
“When I first joined the training programme, I wasn’t sure if I was ready for it. I was preparing for PSLE and training took up Saturday mornings but soon I realised that even if I felt that I wasn’t ready for my papers, TBAS made me ready. It became my motivation to plan my time properly for best results in both studies and tchoukball. Through tchoukball, I have grown both as a player and an individual and for that, I thank TBAS. I have also become more disciplined and the regular trainings have made me healthier.” C, M12 Girls team.
“The training programme has helped to nurture me into a more patient person. I used to be very impatient when things don’t go my way. However  through the TBAS training, I have learnt to be more patient as I work with my team mates despite our differences and weakness to overcome difficult times as we try to solve issues together.” - K, M18 Girls team.
“Before I join TBAS training, I was actually a fat boy and was overweight in school. Now thanks to the training, I am now fitter.” - B, M15 Boys team.